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Top 10 reasons
Why we cut them out of pictures

10.  Aunt Marge was fatter last year and insists all records be destroyed.  She has recently started carrying a concealed weapon.

9.  Just who in the hell is that guy anyway?

8.  Our usually attractive delete nominee wound up looking like a goofball and will definitely be humiliated or pissed.

7.   Life moves on. 

6.  Just over the bride's left shoulder was a Collie lifting it's leg on the buffet table.

5.  Jackie divorced Eddie after he went back to prison. He is definitely out of the picture.

4.  That smug office manager down in the front row finally got his just desserts.

3.   Gotta use what ever is available since my stinking project is due now - right damn now.

2.  (tied for number 1) Somebody somewhere aint gonna like something.

1.  Okay, I'd much prefer to see him buried (after torture) - but dammit, I looked really fabulous in that picture.

Primary removal methods
crop them out

cover 'em up

say it with shrubbery


It's no absolute that every removal candidate is officially a bastard, but the vaporize 'em triumph sure is sweeter when they are.


No real life bastards were actually used or harmed in the making of these pages.  We have only employed models and loved ones, with a sense of humor.


  Scout surrounding areas in your image for salvageable material that can be used to rebuild the background on top of the extra man.  This image fit together without requiring additional steps to hide seams.
 covered with surrounding materials

Matching the mortar lines in the block wall and lining up pipe chunks helps create the illusion of continuity.

The extra pipe joint was intentional but can easily be evaporated using the same methods.  

Our fourth guy on the left edge was cropped out.

  Select area 1 and FLOAT that selection moving it down to cover the head.
Areas 2-3 are FLOATED and shifted right.  Areas 4-5 shift to the left.

Create additional selections from these same areas as needed.  





  • Cover by overlapping
  • Freehand select your keeper along with some background
  • Promote that selection to a layer
  • Scoot it over with the Move tool
  • Use eraser to clean/blend the overlapped edge
  • Merge layers and crop