color cloning with wood patterns

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 more woods

1. Create a new image and flood fill it with a wood pattern

This will be your clone source so make it large enough to give yourself plenty of elbow room.

Remember to size a clone source pattern image to a similar scale as the object you will be painting.  

You probably won't want people with 2' patterned clothes or wood surfaces with giant redwood proportions.


Set up your clone tool
Shape Round
Hardness and Steps 1
Opacity and Density 100
Size ... your choice or
custom fit

Create a new layer over your grey scale.

Name this new layer PAINT and set the blend mode to OVERLAY.

With the clone tool activated, right click your wood image and designate the starting point for your clone source.  

Your clone target will be the new layer you just created.

Paint over any wooden areas in your image by cloning your newly created wood pattern.  

Be sure to stay on your new layer.  Do not paint on the background image.

The illustrations on these pages show two different patterns of wood, of course the possibilities are endless.  

Any wood with some color adjustments easily becomes many different versions. 



Color adjustments are made any time before you merge the layers.
what you see as you paint 

saving each selection to the alpha channel can come in handy here
bottom layer visibility off

Once you have a wood layer ...
go test drive the tools on your COLORS MENU to make some different looking woods.

  • increase the shadow
  • create different hues
  • up the contrast
  • lower the highlight
  • try everything once

have some fun
move some levers
and spin those dials